Get ready- the snow will be here before you know it!


Believe it or not, winter is coming, and no, this is not Game of Thrones! But, I know first-hand that folks are working away up at Wolf Creek Pass getting ready for the season, which means you should be, too! I've got some exercises that are great for skiers and boarders alike, and this is a great time to think about getting into the studio with me and doing some tuning up of YOU, not just your gear! Check out the demos below on a piece of equipment we call the Wunda Chair.

Going up front is an exercise that really gets in under the backs of your thighs, your calves, and your glutes, not to mention your abs: muscle groups that need to be strong for staying afloat in powder! It's not an easy exercise initially, but really helps develop strength and balance.

Soleus press is a great way to prevent that back of leg burn when snowboarding! It's really an important exercise incidentally for your ankles, and the alignment and strength of your knees with your lower legs and ankles. And of course to develop core strength.

Mountain climber is aptly named: easy to see why you would need this exercise. Digging deep into the abs for stability and really working under those glutes and thighs! YA Baby this one gets it!

Table was and is for me the Holy Grail exercise of getting up out of the powder if I fall on my derriere. This is the exact motion of pushing up out of the snow if you are on a snowboard without having to strap out. Do twenty of these a day and you will be ALL SET.

Book your Wunda Chair Session Now!

Privates are $60, duets $75, and trios $90. Get a few friends together and split the cost! Book 5, I'll throw in 1. Don't wait until you see the white stuff falling!

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